Preston Canning Center

Open Tuesdays & Saturdays beginning mid August 2014


  • The cannery is owned by Franklin County, not the LDS Church. Patrons are welcome from anywhere.
  • Self-supporting, no taxpayer money is used as a rule and therefore our budget is very limited. Only the Manager, Cooks, and Scheduler get paid; all other labor and help is donated (by wonderful, unselfish people)! We do make a profit in order to maintain the equipment and building as necessary, pay the wages above, and buy more cans.
  • Patrons need to have appointments in order too use the facility. Call Syd Olsen at 208-705-7172 or Kevin Olsen at 208-317-1453 to make appointments and leave messages.
  • User fees are as follows: $10.00/daily (use 1000# at sign-in) or $25.00/annual (use 2000# at sign-in). The user fee needs to be paid for each household not for each family.
  • Can costs:  #300 can (15 oz.) $.65*; #401 can (28 oz.) $.75*; #10 can (gallon) $1.35*.  *Plus state tax
  • We can do dry-pack at the cannery in small or large cans and have anti-oxygen packets available.
  • Bring your own cleaning and sanitizing equipment and solutions.
  • No frozen meat!!!!! Please!! Even slightly frozen meat cannot be used.
  • DO NOT USE HOT WATER TO CLEAN YOUR CANS after they have been processed. We would rather have you take home greasy cans than have your food spoil!
  • No frozen meat!!!!! Please!! Did you get that?

Opening mid-August 2014 if enough interest is there and appointments are made. Call for appointments starting July 30th.

Appointments are necessary to use the cannery and can be scheduled by calling thefollowing numbers:

  • Syd Olsen ——– 208-705-7172 —– scheduling
  • Kevin Olsen —– 208-317-1453 —– manager

The Cannery will close for the 2014 season no later than Halloween. If the weather gets too cold (there’s no heat in the building to keep pipes from freezing) or if interest drops off we will close earlier!


How it works:

Upon arriving at the cannery, get a number assigned to you at the office and information about what, where and how will be given to you. We always have volunteers who can direct and help newcomers and even the Patrons next to you are willing to answer questions and show you around.

Estimate how many cans you will need and use the trays provided to get your cans to your work station. Mark the cans with BLACK SHARPIES ONLY indicating your given number, the date, and the product you are canning. Once you have the cans marked, rinse the cans in hot water to remove any dust, etc. which may be inside the can.

Patrons should have products as near ready (cut-up, chopped, etc.) as possible in order to save time and mess.

Those canning vegetables and fruit will then put spices, sugar, etc. in their cans. The product will then be placed in the can and when the steam tables are ready the cans will be placed in the steam tables to bring to temperature prior to lids and sealing.

Those canning meats will put spices in their cans then the meat can be placed in the can.

When the steam tables become available the cans will be placed in the steam tables to cook. WE CANNOT PROCESS FROZEN MEAT!! DO NOT BRING MEAT THAT IS EVEN PARTIALLY FROZEN!! After the meat reaches the required temperature, lids are put on the cans and run through the sealer.

We have large kettles to cook soups, stews, sauces, juice, chili and so on prior to canning.

Almost any recipe can be processed, do not include dairy products however; they can be added at home when you open the cans.

Processing the product is done in retorts (similar to pressure cookers) and handled by the cooks only.

The processed cans have to be cooled in cold water for appropriate length of time to avoid spoilage after which Patrons can take them home.

If you wish to clean cans after processing while at the cannery use only cold water to avoid reheating the cans and be aware that we need to close for the day as soon as the boiler is off and clean-up is finished.

Patrons are responsible for their own cans after the cans leave the cooling tank. We cannot be responsible for any damaged or missing cans.  Please do not use hot water to clean your processed cans before going home.  We would rather you carry home cool, greasy cans than risk spoiling the food inside.

Dry-Pack is available and can be scheduled on normal operation days or arrangements may be made for other times depending on amounts or other considerations.  Anti-oxygen packets available.

Patrons are responsible for cleaning their areas and for sanitation and proper care of product prior to processing. As we have no control over how your food is handled keeping product from spoiling and sterile is the Patron’s responsibility.

The Daily User Fee will be converted to a Seasonal User Fee upon subsequent visits so that no one has to pay more than $25.00 in user fees in one season.

For additional information feel free to call Kevin Olsen at 208-317-1453 or send email to Syd Olsen at